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Brother In Law 2 (2017)

Brother In Law 2 (2017)

Genre: 21mph, Featured
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Brother In Law 2 (2017) At the wedding of heroine Inokawa husband Takeo,

Takee, who became acquainted with Sugiyama, frequently went to the bar.
Sugiyama came to drink Takeo’s house without fail.
I am interested in the body of my sister Inoka.
Sugiyama, who was told that there was no sexual desire while trying to move Takeo,
I visit the house in the daytime with the coverage as an excuse and rape my sister.
With this work, Sugiyama threatened to inform her husband
I ask Nonoka many times for a relationship.
Nonoka who was frustrated

He gradually falls to his brother Sugiyama and visits his sister’s house


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