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Madame Praying Mantis (2015)

Madame Praying Mantis (2015)

Genre: 21mph, Drama
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Madame Praying Mantis (2015) sinopsis It is a sexually explicit movie that experiences crisis while enjoying affair with other women except wife. Coach who enjoyed his affair with various opponents for a long time without knowing his wife Reiko. He announces his farewell to his current minister Michiru for an affair with another woman. However, a few days later, Michiru, unable to accept the farewell, returns to his house with his wife, Reiko.

Michiu attacked with the frozen squid, which had been holding two people who had been in office at home. Koichi, who was struck by her blow, is in a state of impossibility. Michiru, who locked him in the room, began to act like a reiko from that day onwards and shares his affair with Koichi, a deformed person.
On the other hand, Yui moved to an empty neighborhood.

Since she moved, there are things unknown to Michiu. Often the woman’s cry over the wall, the unknown caller, Michiru, such as a persistent visiting salesman, is tired of all his daily routines. Then one day, Michiru finds out that Yui is an unfortunate opponent with Koichi long ago, and that Yuzuki is a child between Yui and Koichi who is persistent and distressing at home.


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