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Majimena Sextukusu (2018)

Majimena Sextukusu (2018)

Genre: 21mph
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Majimena Sextukusu (2018) sinopsis

– Oshima who is in charge of visiting AS with agent lady.
I apologize to the excited customer and pretend to repair it,
When the customer leaves for a while,
His metamorphosis toward a female employee begins in the other person’s house.

– Convenience store alba woman asking manager for gambling today with gambling light of the gangster.
The manager who refused was hanging on the condition of one night,
After having sex with him, he imagines sex with him during work.

– Today, the order phone called.
For the wealthy house inspector who pays 300,000 yen each time for a meal
After the meal, her service for the perverted inspiration begins.


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