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Rubbers Trace of The Love (2015)

Rubbers Trace of The Love (2015)

Genre: 21mph, Drama
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Rubbers Trace of The Love (2015)  The latest in Kawamura Rika’s strongest legs in Japan!
My secret … Do you want to know?
Suzuka, a 28-year-old psychiatrist, has been severely disciplined by her father, who is the director of a general hospital. She still has a trauma that she can not rebel against her father. There was such a secret in Suzuka that I could not tell anyone. It is a sexual taste called “rubber fetish.” When I returned home, Suzuka was the first to wear a rubber suit and to regain its original self by wearing a sense of luster and smell. One day my father is introduced to a pediatrician, Dr. Haruhiko. At first it was Suzuka who was rebelling, but I am attracted to Haruhiko who smells like father …


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