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Secret Of The Wife (2013)

Secret Of The Wife (2013)

Genre: 21mph, Drama
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Secret Of The Wife (2013) sinopsis  Hisa, who seems to be an ordinary housewife at first sight. But in fact she has an amazing secret. It is said that he has been repeating the fun with Hiroyuki who is not married to his father when he was young. HISAE and Hiroyuki loved it hotly, but I thought about it, too, but I could not execute it after all, Hisa was ordered by his father to marry him. But she had conceived his child beforehand in the affair with Hiroyuki. The fact that her daughter, Emi, is a child of Hiroyuki is a secret no one knows but two people.

Hiroyuki, who was waiting for Hisa to return, eventually got married
Still, the two continue to meet each other until Emmy becomes an adult. Emmy also meets her boyfriend like Susan and Hiroyuki in the old days and claims to be married right away
Hissa’s husband will not accept it, and eventually Emmy hides his boyfriend Hiroshi and the trail. In addition, Hiroyuki began to force divorce on Hisae following the crisis of divorce.

And Hissa, who wants to conceal the family, avoids him.
Hiroyuki, who was hiding in the hotel, wanted to meet Hisa, There you will see Hiroshi and Emi, who are involved in a suicide bust. After seeing Emi and realizing that he was his daughter, Hiroyuki calmed them down. I am affectionately admitted that we should be together when we are ready. Eventually, Hiroshi tries his best for his future, and Emi believes in Hiroshi. Hiroyuki also reconciles with his wife and returns home. The moment when everything seems to find its place. However, the affairs of Hisaya and Hiroyuki still continue.


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