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Sex Training On The Street (2015)

Sex Training On The Street (2015)

Genre: 21mph, Drama
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Sex Training On The Street (2015) sinopsis Mayu lives in a fight and is full of empty mind. I had a consultation with my best friend, Ira, and I heard her answer, “Try dating.” I try to have sex with a man called Takashi who I meet by chance, but the empty mind does not change. Then one day, the poor girl Lisa walked in the fight and thought it was a one – on – one fight, but two men were waiting. Mayu, who is well-versed in the fight, could not afford the classic, but Takashi came to the place. Takashi was a mixed martial arts player. Mayu, a student of Takashi, starts to look more and more at the fight. On the other hand, the producers have gathered bad ladies fighting on the streets to create a martial arts group “Bad Lady”
I want to broadcast a martial arts program broadcast on the Internet. Mayumi says she will participate in the “Bad Lady” to save the men who participated. Myu also knows that Mayumi, a fighting opponent, participates in Bad Lady, and decides to participate.


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