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Sex Trial at Beauty Shop 5 (2017)

Sex Trial at Beauty Shop 5 (2017)

Genre: 21mph, Featured
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Sex Trial at Beauty Shop 5 (2017) The target of the camera secretly is the beauty merchant Mayumi who combines beauty and body. I visit the hair salon to pretend to be a guest to have sex with her.
You will not lose your laugh even if you are a prankster.
Her desire for her becomes even more intense as she focuses on her work.
One day, I went to the beauty salon to meet Mayumi, and I greeted the new employee with a guest.
I am sorry to ask the staff for the head, but the result is a mess.
A guest requires physical relationships in the sense of apology,
The staff inevitably gives up their bodies.
After a while, I go to Mayumi and leave her head to her.
However, the hair finished with Mayumi ‘s sweat makes the guest angry.
When the favorable guest was greatly angry, Mayumi began to write beauty,

Her bold temptations eventually lead to a passionate affair.


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