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Subordinate’s Wife (2017)

Subordinate’s Wife (2017)

Genre: 21mph
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Subordinate’s Wife (2017) sinopsis Miyada, who moved to the neighborhood where the director lives,
I take my wife Kaori to visit her house.
The director, who welcomes them, asks the congratulations in his house,
However, Miyada, who is weak in alcohol, is quickly drunk and sleeps.
And the manager approached his wife Kaori.
Miyada says that she can fly overseas soon due to personnel transfer.
Kaori, who heard these words, asked the manager if she could not prevent it,
Eventually, she takes off her clothes as she pleads.
In front of the sofa where my husband was drunk and slept
Feel guilty to share secret affairs with the manager
I feel an orgasm in dizzy sex.


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